Sunday, 29 September 2013

Grand Final day!

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Grand Final day! Luke and I had a tradition where we ate copious amounts of junk food (footy food) while we watched the match and veg out for the day. Today, was going to be no different. Despite the diet, we were going to be naughty - and therefore, Grand Final Day was declared Cheat Day.

The biggest irony is that I don't think I even ate that many calories.  I made a layered dip comprising of homemade refried beans, sour cream, roasted tomatillo salsa (the one I got from the supermarket in my earlier post), tasty cheese, guacamole and pico de gallo. It was yummilicious! I just served it with the Mission White corn chips ... and maybe some grilled chicken wings (because it's not really footy food without wings!)

BUT, to my absolute dismay, I couldn't get through my food- it was almost as if my tummy had shrunk! So it looks like I might not be able to shovel as much food as I want in my mouth anymore... only one solution to that- strategic eating!! But that's another conversation for another day... for now- PHOTOS!!!

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