Saturday, 21 September 2013

So hungee....

Are you freaking kidding me? Do I weight THAT much? did I let it happen???

I have done EVERYTHING to try to lose weight. EVERYTHING imaginable. Short of having my stomach stapled, I have tried all the fad diets and exercise crazes and I'm still the size of a freaking heifer. This ends here.

Let's dissect the problem... I love food. A little too much. But I love food. I could talk about it all day. I love to eat, create, cook, read about, live and breathe it. LOVE IT.

So the diets were never going to work. And exercise doesn't work if you eat enough food to feed a small nation. So what to do?

I've seen my husband drop 15 kilos with proper diet and exercise and mostly staying within his recommended calorie intake. That is what I need to do. Portion control. So I can still eat the foods I like, but I will just need to watch my portion sizes and think about what I put in my food.

So. Armed with myfitnesspal loaded on my iPhone and this blog to keep me on track and motivated, I will endeavour to drop 30 kilos. Who is with me? Anyone?

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