Monday, 14 October 2013

Easy Microwave Popcorn

I love popcorn. Except when it tastes like cardboard. I also don't like those overly sugared ones or the ones that are so buttery, they leave an unpleasant oily, waxy taste on my tongue. I'm not fussy at all, huh? ;)

So I make my own! Popping corn in the microwave oven is the easiest thing. My favourite- 1 TBS melted butter, 1.5 TBS icing sugar, mix them together in a large, glass, microwaveable bowl. Add approx 1/3 cup of corn kernels and mix thoroughly. Ensure that the popcorn is a single layer (or as close to one as possible) and cover with a microwaveable cover (one with the vents). Set on HIGH for four minutes, but stand and listen to the corn popping. When the corn pops are less than a couple per second, it's time to stop it. Remember that it is always better to underpop your corn than to burn the whole thing!!

The beauty about this recipe is that you could add more butter or more sugar to suit your taste! Try it, and start a popcorn revolution! xoxo

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