Sunday, 20 October 2013

Groceries for the week

I'm hesitant to say that we are trying out "clean eating". As I understand it, "clean eating" involves cutting out refined sugars, more fruit and veggies and no processed foods. I'd like to move to that, but with a couple of cheat days in between ( I am Asian after all, and would die die die without my white rice and noodles).

Groceries for today:

And after a couple of hours, this is what I got:

Oh, hang on, that can't be the right photo. I forgot to include all my zucchini dishes (and yes, you read that right!)... so updated photo:

What is all this, you ask me? Well, I'll tell you! I have (and recipes to come):

  • fajita chicken and capsicum (I intend to make this into a salad with this guacamole dressing);

  • Thai-inspired chicken and prawn cakes similar to what I made the last time (here) - only this time, I used the green curry paste, instead of red. Served with a fresh salad and this dressing, I KNOW it's going to work a treat;

  • Italian-inspired minced beef and vegetables with brown rice - I'm weaning us to eat more brown rice, and I believe "weaning" means to drown in sauce :);

  • Beef mince in tomato, ready for the freezer. I like making this mince, because I can then custom it to my taste on the day, depending on what I feel like. If I felt like some chili con carne, I would include some chili powder and cumin and kidney/pinto beans. If I felt like bolognese, then I would add red wine and Italian herbs... the possibilities are endless! And easy! :)

  • And I'm not sure if you can see in the background, but I have some steamed salty chicken. In my favourite steamer in the world.
I finally feel like I'm organised for the week! Happy Sunday! :)

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