Sunday, 27 October 2013

Ranch salad dressing

Today’s clean eating exercise was a disaster. The people at work had a farewell morning tea for a colleague so of course I had to have a couple of sausage rolls and party pies – total gun to my head. I figured that it would be rude if I didn’t eat anything. BUT I then decided (in an effort to remain below my calorie count) to skip my lunch (seriously, this is growth) and have a salad for dinner instead.

But what sort of salad?

Can I just say, that I abhor eating a salad for dinner. It goes against every fibre of my being. UNLESS it is a meaty salad and has yummy, creamy dressing smothered all over it. Which then begs the question – why bother eating a salad when you are going to douse it with calories? (the answer is,of course, because it is DELICIOUS!!!)

Usually I would go with a chicken Caesar salad. The Cardini’s Caesar is hands down the BEST Caesar salad dressing you can get from the supermarket. But I do have leftover buttermilk that I used to make this dressing here.

Sooooooo… ranch salad it is! I also should mention that I am not a fan of Australian Ranch dressing. I love this country, but there are seriously a few things that I am not a fan of (I will be uploading a list and before angry Australians (if there is such a thing) descend upon me, I will also write a post on how much I love Australia). But maybe because I haven’t had a good one, so if anyone out there (if anyone is reading this at all) has a recommendation, please send it through my way! So I thought that I would make some. A quick scan of google uncovered THOUSANDS (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating) of DIY Ranch dressing recipes. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! (I might get a little too excited when I don’t waste food).

I’ve picked one. This one. I wonder whether I can add blue cheese and make a blue cheese dressing with this? Methinks we can. I wonder then, whether I should have a chopped salad for dinner instead. I do have all the ingredients. But what is the difference really between a ranch salad and a chopped salad? If I put ranch dressing on a chopped salad, would that make it a ranch salad?

I don’t know, all I know is that it is a whole lotta deliciousness in my mouth!!! :)

Mmmmmmmmm…. I love me some chicken ranch salad!


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