Wednesday, 30 October 2013


One of the things that I absolutely loved when I visited the States last year (during Fall) were the pumpkins found EVERYWHERE!!! I've always liked pumpkins, but I guess my deep deep love was never truly realised until I was there! I think it was in Salem that I well and truly fell in love with pumpkins. What's not to love? They are bright and cheery, and round and fat like me. I resolved to start a pumpkin patch when I returned to Australia. When in my new house of course. :) I found many kinds that I want to grow (which begs the question, why on EARTH don't people here grow them?)


Cut to the start of October when I decided that in my new house, I'm going to have bright orange pumpkins on my stoop. Yes, I have a stoop! I'm practically Carrie Bradshaw. :) But there were no bright orange pumpkins to be seen. Someone told me a malicious lie that there were some at the farmer's market (and hence farmer's market prices) but, as I said before, it was a malicious lie! And the person who told it to me was promptly told off (turns out I get really grumpy when I have been misled about pumpkins).

Then I saw them at the supermarket, they were Jack-O-Lantern variety ones (and YES, that it the official term in Latin #sarcasm) but they were $3 a kilo!!!! And each one weighs approximately 6-7 kilos. Dude, I'm not spending $20 per pumpkin (and about 8 or 7 pumpkins, which means approximately $140-$160 to decorate my stoop! Sooooo.... I had to find another way.

Went back to the Farmer's market and saw some lovely pumpkins which looked like pumpkins (with the right grooves and not severely deformed as you can get sometimes) and they were even some little ones! The only problem was that they were not bright orange. Anyway,I thought that I was being too pedantic and bought 7, for a whopping total of $9.50.

Put them on my stoop...

Hmmmm... cute, but didn't quite have the impact I wanted. Why aren't pumpkins in Australia bright orange dammit?

Guess what I did next?

PAINTED THEM. Bought some spray paint from the hardware store and went crazy. 

Side note, I just had to answer the telephone for a colleague and the person on the phone from our other office spoke to me like I knew who she was. And it was too rude to ask who it was, so I just hung up and not bothered about it. My rant is, WHY CAN'T YOU IDENTIFY YOURSELF ON THE PHONE?? It's really not that hard.

End rant. 

Where was I? Oh yes, pumpkins. 

I think I got a little too excited and sprayed too much on them. So they kinda look too shiny and almost plasticky. 

Next time, I will know to be less heavy handed on the spray paint and lightly spritz. In two years time, this problem will be moot because I will have my pumpkin patch by then.

But in the mean time, who cares! I have brightly painted orange pumpkins on my doorstep and my stoop! YAY!!! 

I must give the stool an honourable mention. Isn't it adorable? I actually bought it from the tip shop for $5! I have weatherproofed it, so it can sit outside in the elements and house seasonal decorations! It's like a Japanese bath stool! 

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